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Security Guards at Christmas and New Year

20.12.2017 – Who doesn’t love perfectly planned events where you can party all night. Whether it’s a summer festival event or a music festival, making sure to throw an incredibly fun party is always a priority. Similarly….

Rеtаіl Crіmе іn thе United Kingdom

28.09.2017 – Retail crime іѕ a fоrсе to bе rесkоnеd wіth, but іf уоu don’t lеаrn frоm your mistakes and аdеԛuаtеlу рrоtесt уоur рrореrtу thеn уоu’rе fіghtіng a lоѕіng bаttlе. More intense, you’re battling a fight that has no…..

Is Your Construction Site A Soft Target

construction site security

12.07.2017 – Over the years there has been correlation between economy boom and increase in real estate crimes. With the recent news, the economy is coming back stronger and better with sustainable growth forecasted at…

Stay Safe During Summer Festivals

festival safety

16.06.2017 – For any festival or gathering to be termed successful, the attendees must be safe all through. it is essential that you enjoy your time at the festival without getting distracted by criminal elements….

Key Holding Service – Rapid Alarm Response

Key Holding News

12.03.2017 – TGF Security offers a range of security services to meet many different demands, one of which is our keyholding service. You are protected in many different situations when you hire TGF Security as your main key…

24 Hour Security Services for Continuous Protection

Security Services News

03.11.2016 – TGF Security offers cost-effective static and mobile security guarding that can protect your business twenty-four hours a day. We know that as a business owner, the most valuable element of your business is your stock. We…