Construction Site Security Guards In Birmingham

Building equipment and materials have become a popular target for would-be criminals in Birmingham and the West Midlands, and unfortunately, construction sites are considered a potentially profitable focus.

You’ll know, of course, the considerable value that your construction tools and materials hold, as well as the huge inconvenience that replacing them, or fixing damage to your building site can cause.

Construction projects are often time-sensitive, stressful operations before you even begin to consider potential security implications.

That’s where we come in. TGF Security offers tailor made security solutions for your building sites in the West Midlands, from manned and static construction security guards to mobile security patrols and much more.

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So how can our Birmingham construction site security guards keep your building site safe?

  • By providing a visible presence that serves as a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals.
  • Mobile security patrols: we can check on your building site in Birmingham several times a night to make sure everything is secure. Mobile patrols can also offer a valuable visual deterrent to potential trespassers.
  • CCTV monitoring: CCTV cameras can also provide a visible deterrent for your construction site, as well as being used as a tool for rapid response.
  • Entrance and exit security, to ensure no unauthorised personnel entire your premises. Often, access points are the key to safeguarding your West Midlands site. With our highly trained, SIA licensed construction site security guards keeping an eye out for you, you can work in a secure environment.

A trained member of our team will be happy to help you make the right decisions for your building site security. Our bespoke approach to security means that we focus on the individual requirements of our customers, leaving you better protected with a plan that works for you.

In the busy world of construction, you’ve got many considerations to occupy on a daily basis. TGF Security can take safety off your mind, so you can concentrate on the things that matter most.

For more information about our building and construction site security guards in Birmingham, contact us now or complete our online quotation form for a free no-obligation quotation and start securing your business today.