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With the risk of criminals being able to access your construction site when you are away, it is apparent that a qualified building site security company needs to be employed. We understand that one of the biggest concerns is access to your site when the crew is away. TGF Security provides a reliable security solution for construction and building sites that work conveniently with your daily schedule. We commit ourselves to providing tailored construction site security to ensure that your building project is not interrupted by criminal activity.

Criminals often label construction sites as “easy targets” because there are no walls or roof and contain expensive equipment such as tools and vehicles.

We take pride in our tailored construction site security packages. When you hire TGF Security to safeguard your construction site, we will assess your location and suggest solutions for you. We work with your requirements and budget to determine what will work best to keep you and your site safe. We understand that no two jobs are identical. The strategies listed below are basic construction site security plans that may work for you.

Fences and Locks – This may seem too simple to some people but sometimes, this obstacle may be all you need to prevent trespassers from trying to gain access to your property and information.
Signage – You should post notices that make it known that your property is off limits, and that outline the penalties for trespassing.
Identification – We recommend marking all equipment with unique identifiers, such as engraved PINs.
Lighting – Having lights illuminate dark areas make it hard for criminals to hide, and motion-sensor lights may startle trespassers when they enter your property.
Alarms – You can invest in either an audible or a silent alarm system. An audible system will likely scare away criminals, while a silent alarm gives authorities a chance to catch the intruder.

TGF Security provides the following building site security services to keep your site safe:

  • Mobile and static security guards
  • Security signage
  • CCTV installation and monitoring
  • Security at entrances and exits
  • Prevent unwelcome guests
  • Deter vandalism and trespassing
  • Provide daily activity reports

All of our security guards are SIA licensed and trained and have the experience they need to deliver the highest level of protection possible. Their training also gives them the ability to identify and evaluate any security issues. Our guards have the skill set it takes to deliver all of our services in a professional and efficient manner. Whether you need static guard, manned guarding, or mobile patrols, our security guards will protect you and your property diligently.

If you are in need of security services for your construction site, look no further than TGF Security. Call us on 0121 593 0102 or email us at [email protected] for a free quote.

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