Industrial Site Security Guards In Birmingham

You want to keep your staff, expensive machinery, tools and valuable stock safe on your industrial site.

Industrial premises are often a key target for criminals, due to the valuable machinery, tools and stock that are often housed in them, and with many industrial sites in Birmingham and the West Midlands being vast in size and situated in remote locations, keeping them safe is a considerable challenge.

That’s where TGF Security comes in.

We’re able to offer you a wide range of security solutions for your premises, from gatehouse security, to mobile patrols, CCTV surveillance, and much more besides.

Our bespoke approach to keeping you safe means that we’ll make recommendations based on your individual requirements and the unique aspects of your industrial site. A trained member of our team will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate manner of tackling your industrial site security needs in the West Midlands.

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So how can our Birmingham industrial site security guards help?

Factory Security Birmingham

Factories are typically large places housing valuable equipment. We’re able to offer a variety of services in Birmingham and the West Midlands including gatehouse security to monitor your factory’s access points, manned static security as well mobile security patrols to give your premises a thorough cover via nightly checks.

Warehouse Security Birmingham

Running a business that houses valuable stock carries an inherent risk, so we offer static and mobile security solutions, as well CCTV surveillance and more, to keep your stock, and staff, safe.

Gatehouse Security Birmingham

Gatehouse security is an extremely important tool in protecting your premises, as it allows you to control the first point of access to your site. It can be difficult to spot would-be trespassers attempting to gain unauthorised access to large warehouses, factories and other industrial premises, so we offer highly trained, SIA licensed security guards in Birmingham to give you peace of mind.

Whether you’re concerned about valuable stock, machinery, tools, TGF Security can keep your security under control while you go about your day free from the stresses of unwanted trespassers.

For more information about our industrial site security guards in Birmingham, contact us now or complete our online quotation form for a free no-obligation quotation and start securing your business today.