Industrial Security

It can be a challenge to keep industrial sites, warehouses, and factories secure because they are often spacious and located in remote areas. TGF Security combines experience with our diverse skill set to provide you with the protection you require for your industrial site. Our fully SIA licensed security guards provide the following services, and more, to ensure your safety:

  • Visitor searches
  • Surveying stock
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Alarm response
  • Gatehouse security
  • Regular patrols

With material theft on the rise, it is up to you to hire a security company you trust to keep your equipment safe. Here at TGF Security, we can assess your site to suggest the security solutions that will best fit your security requirements. We can tailor our range of security services to provide you with the best level of protection. With all of your expensive equipment, industrial sites are most at risk overnight, when it is all left unattended. Hiring a industrial security guard is one of the best ways to cut down on theft and vandalism. We provide services for the following:

Factory Security

Factory Security Guards

Here at TGF Security, we overcome any obstacles with our expertise and experience. We provide the following efficient services to protect your factory: identification of visitors, CCTV monitoring, promoting safety policies, gatehouse security, alarm response, and mobile patrols. Criminals often take advantage of the fact that factories are often in remote areas with a lot of expensive equipment. At night, when you are most at risk, we can also patrol your property to deter thieves and vandals.

Gatehouse Security

Gatehouse Security Services

It is crucial to keep gatehouses covered by a professional gatehouse security guard because this is the first access point to many industrial sites. Our gatehouse security service provides a visual deterrent to unwelcome guests and a friendly greeting to guests who are welcome. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements. These services include perimeter patrols, vehicle and personnel searches, CCTV monitoring, and reports of any incidents.

Warehouse Security

Warehouse Security Guards

Keeping your reputation intact is the most important aspect of running a successful warehousing business. TGF Security’s trained security guards can implement a security strategy that ensures that any stock you are housing is kept safe and in perfect condition. Criminals often take advantage of the fact that most warehouses are located in remote areas. We offer services such as CCTV monitoring, supervision of vehicles, surveying stock, mobile patrols, and random inspections.

If you are looking to prevent criminals from taking advantage of you and your property, contact us today by calling 0121 593 0102 or emailing us at [email protected].

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