Security Guards and Guard Tracking In Birmingham

Guard tracking is one of the latest innovations in the security sector. It allows our clients to monitor the activity of security guards on their sites and see when they are present at a site. Our security guards sign in digitally at locations with this information which is saved to dedicated flash memory. This data can then be sent to clients allowing them to be fully aware of when and how their premises are protected.

With the rapid pace of technological development over the past few years, any site can be equipped with devices which allow guard tracking. From large warehouses to building sites, industrial locations to retail sites, all can be protected.

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So how can our Birmingham guard tracking help you?

It is not always possible to be able to check site records personally nor is it desirable. Guard tracking records all tours that security guards make of a site and shares that information with the client. This makes it quick and convenient to ensure that a site is properly secured and monitored, giving greater peace of mind.

There are times when a site’s security is of greater importance than at others. High-profile incidents and disturbances often prompt people to check on their locations, even though this may not be a safe or wise thing to do. Sometimes it is just inconvenient to visit a site to review its records. With guard tracking, security on sites can be monitored remotely.

We will install this technology at a site free of charge and the service is included as part of our security packages. It is a set it and forget it system, which means there’s no added upkeep or maintenance that needs to be undertaken by a site or client.

A technology-based approach means that old-school styles of pen-and-paper records are done away with. The system is updated in real-time, can’t be tricked and does not require anyone to review or turn in a piece of paper.

Reliability gives peace of mind. A guard tracking system is not only reliable itself, but gives assurance that patrols take place when they need to, increasing the security of any site.

Give yourself the peace of mind that you need to focus on your business with SIA licensed security guards and guard tracking that are able to provide all these benefits to businesses and locations in Birmingham and throughout the Midlands.

For more information about our guard tracking in Birmingham, contact us now or complete our online quotation form for a free no-obligation quotation and start securing your business today.

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