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The Logistics and Distribution Industry is rapidly growing. Many businesses significantly depend on this industry for the proper delivery of products from one location to another. This includes the guarantee that a shipment is completed within an allotted time, that the products are all accounted for when delivered, and that the entire process is handled with safety and security in mind. At TGF Security, we thrive to provide industrial security guard services that do not simply aim to protect, but also thrives to provide reliable security, defined by good communication and organisation.

Logistics and distribution companies are a common target for burglary and theft-related crimes. And this often concludes to highly-skilled burglary operations planned to penetrate the most vulnerable logistics and distribution companies. The vulnerability of a company can be distinguished by poor organisation, a lack of staff allotted for gatehouse security, the mismanagement of schedules, and the insufficient coverage of CCTV cameras. These are all factors that we are distinctly focused on. We aim to avoid any attempts of criminal activity by securing a strategy that protects all of the products, the staff, and the location. Our team of SIA licensed gatehouse security guards are trained to secure locations in an organised and controlled manner. They are well-choreographed to anticipate any security breaches. And the TGF industry security guards plan specific responses that target different burglary or theft scenarios. This is to guarantee that every possible attempt of crime will be dealt with and that the entire process of loading and unloading products are not delayed or compromised.

TGF Security provides:

  • Mobile and static security guards (Security at entrances and exits) – Our SIA licensed gatehouse security guards can be allocated to different entry points of a specific location, to monitor who enters and exits the site, as well as to protect the location from any unauthorised persons.
  • Security signage – Signage is often used to warn possible intruders of the security measures placed on a location. This may be a warning sign to indicate that there are alarms or CCTV’s placed for the protection of a specified area.
  • CCTV installation and monitoring – We encourage CCTV installation to guarantee that in the occasion of criminal activity, you will have full access to the entire coverage of your location at the time that a crime occurs. This can also be used as a monitoring system to help you overlook all areas of operation, as well as to confirm the activities of all of your employees.
  • Provide daily activity reports – These daily reports will indicate all observable security measures taken to guarantee that everyone who enters and exits your location, are noted. You will have a complete list of everyone and everything that goes in and out of your gates.

We are a team dedicated and committed to providing the safest and most organised security for Logistics and Distribution companies that adhere to all up-to-date industry regulations. It isn’t just about providing the security and supervision of a designated area, we personalise our industrial security guard services according to the specific needs and requests of a client, the location, and the criminal reputation of the specified area. And we are motivated to protect and secure our client’s assets from unwanted criminal activities.

If you are in need of gatehouse security guard services for your Logistics and Distribution sites, our team at TGF Security are just one call away. Call us on 0121 593 0102 or email us at [email protected].

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