Professional Public Sector Security in Birmingham and the West Midlands

All businesses working in the public sector understand that the safety and comfort of the public is the foundation of doing business. At TGF Security, we know this well. As such, we are ready to deploy our fully SIA licensed security guards across Birmingham and the West Midlands to ensure that the public can stay safe while on your premises.

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Our Approach to Public Sector Security in Birmingham

We understand that the public sector is vast, encompassing many different types of business. As such, we advocate a bespoke approach to public sector security services, as to provide the best tailor-made security service for your business.

A trained member of our team will be happy to help you make the right decisions for your public sector security in Birmingham or across the West Midlands.

We look forward to taking the stress of public sector security off your shoulders—ensuring that your business’s premises are safe and secure.

By trusting our award-winning security company in Birmingham with your security concerns, you and your team will be able to concentrate on the things that matter most for your public sector business.

Industry-Leading Security Guards in Birmingham

In order to conduct our market-leading public sector security, our security personnel are trained to the highest standards.

Accreditations ensure we are always abiding by the highest-level industry standards. Our security company is accredited by the ICO and SSIP. While our security guards in Birmingham adhere to health and safety standards, as denoted by SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline and SMAS.

Our team of dedicated public sector security guards are also all fully SIA licensed.

All of our public sector security guards are well versed in all these regulations and standards, to ensure we can deliver a market-leading service to your business. This attention to high-level regulation ensures we are one of the top security firms in Birmingham.

These industry-leading standards have led to numerous regional and national awards, testimony that TGF security is one of the prime companies to hire security personnel in Birmingham, and across the West Midlands.

Education Security in Birmingham

Our highly trained, SIA licensed education security guards in Birmingham and the West Midlands are prepared to keep your staff and students safe. Through our array of security services we are proud to provide:

  • School Security in Birmingham
    • Whether public or private, students of all ages should feel comfortable when learning in school. As such, our school security guards in Birmingham will work tirelessly to keep your students safe.
  • Collage Security in Birmingham
    • College is an important transitional time for students, so it is important that their educational buildings remain safe spaces. Our collage security guards in Birmingham look forward to making that a reality.
  • Campus Security in Birmingham
    • University, and other educational, campuses run the risk of being victims of crime. Our campus security guards in Birmingham will keep a watchful eye on your campus in order to minimise the occurrence of crime.
  • University Security in Birmingham
    • Our university security guards in Birmingham and the West Midlands will ensure that every student can feel safe and secure while developing essential skills at university.

Healthcare Security in Birmingham

Healthcare institutions house expensive and hazardous equipment and materials and see some of society’s most strenuous emotional situations—making them an unfortunate site of unsavoury activities. This is especially troubling, as healthcare institutions are host to some of society’s most vulnerable. This means ensuring that they are secure isn’t an option, but a necessity. We offer a wide range of bespoke security solutions for an array of healthcare establishments.

  • Doctors and GP Surgery Security in Birmingham
    • As a fundamental port of call for local health concerns, our GP and Doctors surgery security guards in Birmingham will ensure that GP surgeries can run smoothly.
  • Hospital Security in Birmingham
    • Hospitals are the heart of healthcare, and often deal with the most intense situations. Our hospital security guards in Birmingham and the West Midlands are ready to secure and protect your premises and staff to ensure that you can save lives.

Local Government Security in Birmingham

In the modern world, politicians have become a target for those who feel they can intimidate or threaten them into changing existing policies or establishing new ones.

Our local government security guards in Birmingham and the West Midlands are expertly trained to keep public-eye professionals safe in certain premises.

For more information about our security guard company or our public sector security services, contact us now or complete our online quotation form for a free no-obligation quotation and start securing your business today.

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