Retail Security

TGF Security provides experienced security guards to ensure that your business is running smoothly by safeguarding stock and giving you the tools you need to prevent crime. Retail stores are at risk of many different types of crime, including vandalism and theft. Our fully licensed security guards offer the skills it takes to deter thieves and loss or damage to property. We understand the obstacles that retail stores face on a regular basis.

We meet the demands of our individual clients by adjusting our services to their requirements. Our retail services include store detectives, mobile ans static site security, key holding and alarm response, CCTV monitoring, and more. We can assist in loss prevention and reducing vandalism to give you an extra layer of protection for your store.

Store Detectives

Store Detectives In Birmingham

TGF Security guards can easily integrate themselves into your store to keep you, your staff, and customers safe. We understand that you cannot watch every single customer in your store, so we offer the following services to assist you: staff searches, interviews and investigations, detect shoplifters, and undercover detectives.

Retail Security Guards

Retail Security Guard Company

Here at TGF Security, our security guards have the training and experience it takes to keep your store secure. They offer a visual deterrent for criminals and let your customers know that your business is protected. We will assess your location and create a security strategy that works best for you. The services our officers provide include front of house security, CCTV surveillance, stock monitoring, and loss prevention.

Retail CCTV

Retail CCTV Monitoring

When you hire TGF Security to secure your business, we will assess your location to provide the best CCTV coverage for you. CCTV surveillance gives you 24/7 coverage that can deter criminals and provide evidence should a situation occur. Our SIA licensed security guards monitor the CCTV coverage and respond to any possible incidents.

We offer services to ensure that you are implementing strategies to reduce the loss of property to the best of your abilities. We use mobile and static security guards to provide a visual deterrent. Other services we offer to assist in loss prevention are securing stock, CCTV surveillance, store detectives, and more.

If you own a retail business and are in search of efficient and professional security services, look no further than TGF Security. For a free quote, call us at 0121 593 0102 or email us at [email protected].

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