Retail Security Guards In Birmingham

You want to keep your customers, staff, stock and premises safe from a wide variety of potential threats.

No matter if you run a small boutique shop or a department store in Birmingham or the West Midlands, the security considerations for retail are many and varied, and you’ll need shop security or shopping centre security that’s flexible and versatile.

That’s where we come in. TGF Security offers a wide range of retail security solutions in Birmingham, from store detectives to static and manned security guards to keep your premises safe from opportunistic shoplifters and more.

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So how can our Birmingham Retail Security Guards help you?

Our highly trained, fully SIA licensed retail security guards in Birmingham are well equipped to deal with a vast range of threats, be it to your stock, customers or staff. This means you can focus on running a profitable business, without the headaches of stock loss, store damage or worse affecting the day-to-day running of your shop, department store or shopping centre.

We’re also able to offer mobile security patrols across the West Midlands. These are ideal as a cost-effective approach to keeping your premises secure. We’ll provide several nightly checks of your site to ensure everything is secure, and provide rapid alarm response.

We are also able to offer CCTV surveillance for your premises. Security cameras are often a sufficient preventative security measure, though they give you the added peace of mind of providing valuable evidence if shoplifters or other unauthorised personnel attempt to gain access to your site.

TGF Security also provides retail security in the form of store detectives, who integrate themselves into the day-to-day running of your store, both to monitor customers and deal with any conflicts that may arise. Store detectives are also able to liaise with police officers where necessary.

Security is a key consideration for any customer-facing business, and with TGF security by your side, you can breathe easy, knowing that your safety is in capable hands.

For more information about our retail security guards in Birmingham, contact us now or complete our online quotation form for a free no-obligation quotation and start securing your business today.

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