Mobile Security Patrol Services

TGF Security mobile patrols offer an opportunity to maintain complete security throughout your whole business or property. Our mobile patrol units cover more area than our static security guards for greater visibility and protection. With the option of mobile patrols, you can trust us to keep your entire property safe.

Our mobile patrols offer the following:

  • Fully SIA licensed and trained security guards
  • Uniformed guards and marked patrol vehicles
  • Cover larger areas than static security guards
  • Rapid response to any incidents
  • Reports detailing any call of duty
  • Internal mobile security

Our uniformed security guards and marked vehicles make for an excellent visual deterrent. TGF Security recognizes that criminals often take advantage of larger properties, so our mobile patrol units offer coverage for greater distances at cost-effective prices. We can cover offices, warehouses, construction sites, shops and much more. We can also tailor our mobile security packages to your business or property.


Our security guards will not waver in their duties to protect you and your business. We will provide guards located in the areas that are the most vulnerable as well as mobile patrol units that can cover the most of your property.

We can also combine our keyholding service with our mobile patrol units to form internal mobile security. Our guards can enter your business/property to ensure that no trespassers have made their way in and that all doors and windows are locked. You can rest assured that your business is safe while you are sleeping.

TGF Security mobile patrols will work diligently and efficiently to lower your risk to crime and safeguard your property. If you are interested in our mobile security services, or one of our other services such as static or event security, please call us today at 0121 593 0102 or email us at [email protected].

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