Close Protection Birmingham

Are you looking for the ultimate in personal security? Look no further than our close protection and counter surveillance services, specially designed around the individual for an advanced level of personal protection.

Hire our fully SIA licensed bodyguards in Birmingham and the West Midlands for an exceptional level of professionalism and training across a variety of personal and executive protection services.

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What can our SIA licensed bodyguard hire in Birmingham do for you?

VIP Protection Birmingham

Our discerning, highly skilled hire bodyguards provide a variety of services to ensure safety in the lives of VIP clients in Birmingham. They’re experienced in providing a level of security to match the dynamic lives of those who require the hire of personal bodyguards. Amongst the busy, fast-paced lives of our VIP clients, we provide a steady, reassuring security presence.

Residential Protection Birmingham

Manned security greatly decreases the risk to your premises of theft, criminal damage, vandalism and much more besides. Our highly skilled security officers in the West Midlands are well-equipped to provide the physical presence you need to discourage criminals from attempting any nefarious activity around your property.

Counter Surveillance Birmingham

In the modern world, many security threats are not merely physical. Sophisticated surveillance represents a threat to individuals and corporations alike, and can be very difficult to locate. That’s where we come in. Our counter surveillance services mean that your private life remains private, private conversations are not monitored by unwelcome third parties, and you can go about your business without looking over your shoulder.

TGF’s personal and close protection services are designed to be flexible to the needs of the individual; they are, after all, an individual service. A trained member of our team will be happy to offer recommendations based on your personal security needs. Our highly trained private bodyguards for hire in Birmingham will then work to make sure your safety requirements are met, and that you feel safe and secure.