Stay Safe During Summer Festivals


The festival season is here again! The UK festival scene is sure to have things in stock for you whether you are a fun lover or a party goer.
For any festival or gathering to be termed successful, the attendees must be safe all through.
it is essential that you enjoy your time at the festival without getting distracted by criminal elements, there are festival security and safety tips you must adhere to, to be safe.

Locate Medical Staff/Medical Tents
The first thing you should do when you get to any festival is to locate the medical tent or where are stationed since all major festivals do have medical staff to help if anything goes wrong.
It may not be wise to start looking for them when urgent help or emergency is needed.

Camping Location
Staying in a safe location during a festival is important. Avoid dark and not properly lit areas. Make sure to locate your camp to as close to a fire-tower as possible or near the manager’s site.
You and your fellow camp members must take the security of your camp with utmost importance as any strange faces should be reported to the necessary authority.

Meeting place
Since most parties are always loud with music and to hear your friend talking from the other end of the phone may be difficult, it is always wise to designate a meeting point if you will be separating with your friends.

Leave Your Valuables at Home
Festivals are not places to show off but places to have fun and enjoy yourself. It is always wise to leave valuable pieces of jewellery or electronic gadgets at home because bringing them may put them at risk of being stolen.
Also, write down your bank’s emergency phone number to be able to put a call through to them if you lose your cards.

Be ready to provide help
It is probable you may come across someone who needs help. Be willing to give help even if they are too tired or weak to ask, ask them and talk to them in a soft manner.
If you feel the help is medical, be ready to escort the person to the medical tent or bring the medics to him.

The Laws
There is this feeling when you are in a festival mood to always go overboard with whatever you are doing. The laws apply before, during and after the festival so, what you would not normally do, you should not do during the festival.

Health Advice
You must be conscious of your health whenever you are in a festival. You may go along to the festival with some beauty products like sun cream or after sun lotion since you will be spending several hours in the sun.
Always drink plenty of fluids and take salty snacks to replace salts in your body system.
Heat exhaustion, heat strokes are some of the medical challenges you may suffer from if proper care is not taken. Be sure to contact medical personnel immediately in the event of it.

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