TGF Security’s Key Holding Service – Rapid Alarm Response


TGF Security offers a range of security services to meet many different demands, one of which is our keyholding service. You are protected in many different situations when you hire TGF Security as your main key holder. With this highly sought after service, you can transfer the responsibility of responding to midnight emergencies to our fully trained personnel.

We are aware that you can’t be at your place of business twenty-four hours a day, and it can be a challenge to find employees who are willing to respond to alarms promptly. When you do find an employee that is willing, it may not be the person you want to respond in an emergency. When you hire TGF Security, you are hiring fully SIA licensed security guards who are trained to deal with any situation.

Modern alarm systems are very sensitive and can be triggered by the smallest of movements. This means that they can be set off by motion not caused by trespassers. When false alarms occur, you can sleep soundly while our fully SIA licensed security guards assess the situation. Our officers respond to alarms for many different reasons such as rodents or leaks.

If your business does suffer from a break-in or other crime, our highly qualified staff will approach the incident with diligence and efficiency, allowing us to protect your business to the best of our abilities. We can also liaise with local authorities if needed.

TGF Security guards always act with expertise and honesty to bring satisfaction to our customers, located throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. We consistently are trying to improve our customer experience and work within each client’s budget. If you own a business in the Birmingham area and would like to discuss our key holding service or any one of our other services such as CCTV monitoring or mobile patrols, please call us at 0121 593 0102 or email us at [email protected].. You can also visit our Services pages to see all of the services that we offer.

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