Is Your Construction Site A Soft Target


Over the years there has been correlation between economy boom and increase in real estate crimes. With the recent news, the economy is coming back stronger and better with sustainable growth forecasted at 3.2% this year and also predicted to be 2.7% next year; things are surely going to be better.

With growth come challenges for both the government and the populace. For everything that has a good side, it must surely have a bad side.

Here, we would be discussing how not to make your construction site a soft target as these elements are around trying to make your site one or how to know if your site is a soft target. Also, we would be discussing what soft target is and how not to make your construction site a soft target.

Did you know that 1 in 5 construction sites experience vandalism every week?
The recent release of a white paper specially commissioned investigating the challenges the construction industry is facing has revealed that city based developments mostly do fall victim of theft.

It is estimated that every year the theft cost this country’s construction industry one million pounds every single day. Isn’t that too much for a country as developed as ours?

A team of experts took a look to find out the real reasons why our construction sites are so badly affected; they came to the conclusion that these open and huge structures are seen as ‘soft target’ which means the probability of stealing and getting caught is low. Also they view this type of crime as low risk because the goods or materials stolen may not be recovered. That is the reason why insurers do term it as their worst case scenario.

Is your site a soft target?
Ordinarily, you may not know you are a soft target. The first step to determine whether you are is to ask your yourself some questions and take stock of the whole situation.

Questions like; do you have expensive construction materials lying in clear view of the public? Is your site by the roadside or is visible from the road to the passersby? Can your site access points be easily compromised or is it already compromised and you don’t know? Is the crime rate in the area high or low?

Answers to all these questions with our wealth of knowledge will be what we will be providing you to ensure your site is no longer seen as a soft target.

Safeguarding your construction site
A lot of considerations have to be taken to safeguard a site. Though. There is no one size fits all, but we have different tested measures we can deploy to your site to safeguard it.

Construction site security services come in different forms and packages ranging from mobile security patrols to static officers who have undergone training in health and safety poised to protect both staff and the property.

With us, you can rest assured you will get the best service regarding construction security service.

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